Equipment List

We continuously update our equipment to stay ahead of the technological curve. Whether your assemblies have BGAs, 01005s, SMT or Throughhole components, our modern processes ensure that you achieve success.
Process Manufacturer Model Description
Pick and PlaceAssembleonMG1-R8 nozzle machine capable of 24K cph
Pick and PlaceMyDataMY9Up to 21,000 Chip Placements per Hour, 96 Feeder Positions
Pick and PlaceMyDataTP9-2ULow volume, used for prototyping
SMT ReflowHellerHeller 1809 Mk III18 Zone Heating + 1 Heated Cooling Zone
SMT ReflowLovell SystemsCCM 220--
SMT ReflowWinKICProfiling SoftwareUsed to create thermal profiles for all assemblies.
SMT Screen PrintingDek248High accuracy solder past application, with vision system.
SMT Screen PrintingDek248(2 Units)
TH Wave SolderElectrovertUltraPak 337Wave Soldering System
TH Wave SolderElectrovertEconopakPak 229Wave Soldering System w/ Wavedynamics
InspectionMirtecMV2-HTLAutomated Optical Inspection Machine
InspectionMantisInspection ScopesHigh Powered Microscopes (x5)
InspectionSMT ToolsBGA100Right Angle Digital Inspection Microscope (130x Magnification)
X-RayGlenbrook TechnologiesRTX-113Real time X-Ray Inspection Station
ReworkSRTRework StationFine pitch rework and repair.
CleaningElectrovertH-500 Series Hydro-Cleaning System w/ Deionized Rinse Cycle