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PPSI serves organizations and designs of all shapes, sizes, and industries. Whether you are looking for full production runs or just a few prototypes, we're here to help you assemble your products the right way and on time.
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Production PCB Assembly

Our high quality SMT and Through-hole production lines handle low to medium volume assembly. PPSI has the capability and expertise to serve your needs.
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Prototype PCB Assembly

PPSI offers prototype PCB assembly for engineers seeking a quick turnaround on small quantity orders. Let PPSI bring your new designs to life.
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RoHS Compliance

The European RoHS directive requires lead-free solder in electronics and presents many challenges. PPSI can help fulfill your RoHS requirements.
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Turnkey Materials Handling

Offload your supply chain and inventory management to PPSI. Our experienced buyers and MRP software handle your inventory and keep pricing in line.
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Testing and Programming

Have complete confidence in your completed assemblies. PPSI will test to your specifications and even program your ICs for you.
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Value Add Services

Many other services such as conformal coating, box building, component rework, repairs and component recovery are available. Let us know how we can help!
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