Assembly Capabilities

PPSI is your one stop shop for printed circuit board assembly. With capabilities ranging from design review all the way to full turnkey assembly we can help you successfully bring your designs to life.

Turnkey, Partial Turnkey, and Labor Only PCB Assembly

Whether we purchase the parts on your bill of materials or you provide parts for assembly (labor only), we are here for you. We are Texas's printed circuit board assembly experts and our customers have trusted our expertise for over 30 years. Contact us today for a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

Assembly Types

SMTSurface Mount Technology
THThru-hole Technology
Mixed TechnologyBoth Thru-hole and Surface Mount Technologies
Single & Double SidedDouble Sided Surfact Mount and Thru-hole Assembly

Solder Types

Sn63Eutectic Tin-Lead Solder (63% tin, 37% lead)
SAC305RoHS Compliant Lead-Free Solder (96.5% tin, 0.5% copper and 3% silver)

Order Quantities

No MinimumWe are happy to assemble just 1 prototype board if required.
No MaximumFully capable of assembling up to 10,000 boards in a single production run.

Turnaround Times * Subject to Materials Availability

Labor Only Production4 week standard lead time after receipt of materials from customer.
Turnkey Production6-8 weeks standard lead total.
Quick Turn Production1 and 2 week turnaround available for production volumes.
Prototype48 Hour to 2 Week turns available for prototype runs.

Component Types

Passives01005, 0201 and above.
Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs)Includes 100% X-Ray Inspection
Fine PitchDown to 8 mil pitch.

Inspection and Testing

Automated (AOI)3D Automated Optical Inspection, Verification of all SMT components.
VisualVisual Inspection using Mantis Microscopes (12x magnification)
X-RayFor BGAs and Leadless Components
Functional TestingFunctional Testing and Programming with your Test Fixtures and Procedures

Component Packaging Accepted

ReelsReels are the most cost effective and dependable packaging for passive components.
Tubes & TraysICs typically come packaged in Trays or Tubes.
Loose PartsDuring prototyping loose parts are often unavoidable. We will accept these upon review.
Cut TapeCut tape is accepted for ICs and passives sized 0603 and larger.